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Wedding Packages

Short and Sweet Package

Short and Sweet 


(within Monroe County, contact us for venues outside of Monroe County)

The same as the full service ceremony, however, rehearsals are not included with this service. The rehearsal might be conducted without me or may not be needed. If you would like us to conduct your rehearsal to guarantee a smooth, seamless ceremony on your wedding day please see the Full Service Option.

Just the Basics


Just the Basics


(within Monroe County)

This service includes consultation by phone and/or e-mail only. A ceremony performance that will be warm and personal!

This package does not include an in person meeting, personalized ceremony or a rehearsal.  Perfect for the couple planning from a far or eloping.

Full Service Package


Full Service Package

$450 - including the rehearsal

(within Monroe County, contact us for rates outside of Monroe County)


In addition to a complimentary one-hour, no-obligation interview in or around Webster, NY, this service includes unlimited consultations by phone and e-mail; a personalized ceremony with unlimited edits, using your love story, your thoughts, your values and beliefs; suggestions for readings, rituals, and vows -- or guidance in writing your own vows. A ceremony performance that will be warm and personal!

Rehearsals usually take about thirty minutes. An additional fee for travel or an
overnight stay may be charged for venues outside of Monroe County.

Ceremony Consult

Ceremony Consult


This service is for people who want a friend or family member to marry them, but don't know where to start.  We will meet with you to get to know you and write a fully personalized ceremony with unlimited edits, using your love story, thoughts, values and beliefs. We work with your friend/family member to get ordained and guide them in creating your ceremony including tips from our experiences.  Guidance includes, but is not limited to: getting ordained, ceremony writing, the marriage license, running a rehearsal, etc.

Signature Service Package

Signature Service Package


  • Administer the Declaration of Intent and Pronouncement  of Marriage

  • Private wedding (the couple and up to 2 guests) - a witness can be provided if necessary

  • Couple travels to officiant’s location

  • Signing and mailing your marriage license

Included in All Packages


  • Unlimited e-mail and phone calls

  • Many hours spent on personalized ceremony preparation and writing

  • Proofreading, private read-throughs, updates, and revisions

  • Editing ceremony, readings, and vows

  • Research for particular ceremony options (current and over the years of education and training, as with any professional) 

  • Preparation, travel time, and wait time before the ceremony

  • Making sure everything is set up for ceremony rituals

  • The ceremony itself presented in a warm, professional manner

  • Being available to participants and guests following the ceremony, if requested

  • Filing and mailing marriage license after the ceremony

  • Ensuring all participants and vendors understand their responsibilities and are aware of the flow of the ceremony

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